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Hi Jane
Just wanted to let you know the techniques you showed me are working well. Bent has calmed down quite a bit and she is more responsive to training even when she is getting reactive. Bar open/ bar closed works well and silky leash really works at getting her attention back to my direction. We have been able to get over to the spit for walks up to 30 minutes. We even had 2 horses with riders come from around a corner and once the bar came open she barely noticed them as they walked by. It also helps that the new meds appear to be working better so her pain is more under control. The other technique of sitting quietly on lead and ignoring her until she lies down works great in the garden, as she falls asleep while I weed. I will give you a call when we plan a trip off island later in the month, so we may arrange a house visit with you and Bent to see if she can board with you. Thanks so much for all the help.”

…Karen and Bent

“Thank you for coming over – it was definitely an eye opener for us. Things will definitely change around here, for the better! I really appreciate you sending us these additional handouts. We’ll be in touch to set up another appointment in the future, whether it be for clicker training or to deal with the kids/dog issue. Thanks so much! I will be sure to let the SPCA and our vet know that we were most pleased with you, your expertise and approach to training.”

…Tracey and Geoff

“You must have done an awesome job because it’s been going well. You are a real pro and we would not hesitate to recommend Canine Conduct to anyone interested in a well mannered dog.”

…Ian and “Sally”

“Thanx for thinking about my sweet old boy. It has been such a blessing making contact with you this year. I could not have gone away at all if I was not confident that he was in a safe, responsible and very caring place, so you greatly helped us both.”

…Ann and “Jack”

“…you have been a life-saver,Jason and I can not thank-you enough…”

. ..Wendy and “Apollo”

“Jane was a great instructor for our intermediate agility classes. She was able to build confidence in my dog ( and me ) to overcome some of the more challenging obstacles like the teeter. Morgan would not go near the teeter the first class or two and by the end of the series he showed very little hesitation and went right on to the teeter. She was able to adapt her ideas to each owner/dog combo. We had a lot of fun at agility and really noticed an improvement in our skills by the end of the series.”

…Felicity and “Morgan”

“Just wanted to thank you once again for being such a great instructor and for helping us with Bailey & Bentley. We really enjoyed the classes and we’re sure both Bailey & Bentley did as well. They’re going to miss their weekly trips to puppy school and not seeing their favourite teacher. We learned a lot and look forward to seeing you at the next class for Bailey or Agility classes for them both.”

…Kathryn, Arlon, “Bailey” and “Bentley”

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We never in a million years would have imagined our dog having a birthday party. That photo is priceless. Thank you so much for recognizing her special day.”

…Laurie, Dave and “Punky”

“Will’s focus is really coming along. It is hard for me to believe that he is the same dog. Thank you so much for your support and convincing me that Will really is worth it.”

…Nancy & Will

“We want to thank you for taking the time to show our humans how to manage us as well show us how to have proper manners. Stewie isn’t too fond of the new accessories but Toby and Zoe are amazing with it. This will certainly not be the last time we meet and hopefully the next time we will have some proper manners to show you. You can rest assured that our time spent with you today will not go untold; Mom is just amazed with your natural talent and natural calm with us. Thanks again for all the unconditional love you showed us today.”

…Toby, Zoe and Stewie