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Student Handouts

Welcome to the Members Page!  Here, you will find the handouts traditionally given in classes.  I will have hard copies available for you in class, but if possible please read on-screen rather than printing.I have been collecting these handouts over the years and you will see credits given to the authors of the handouts.

Sharing is encouraged but PLEASE keep the credits intact. Enjoy!    ~Jane


Well Mannered Dog Class Handouts:

 The Puppy Kindergarten Class curriculum roughly follows this too:

Week One:

Well Mannered Dog Week 1 –Teaching your dog how to focus and learn self-control.

Cues – A list of suggested words and hand signals to help your dog connect with you.

Body LanguageLearning to recognize some of the “dog phrases” will help you understand what your dog is communicating with you.  

Practice Sheet A list of skills that will be learned; to help you keep track of your progress.

Week Two:

Recall – Some hints, steps, and ideas on all the effort that goes into teaching your dog to come when called.

Calming SignalsOther signals that are given by dogs, especially if they are feeling stress.  

Week Three:

Loose Leash Walking – Leash skills training, for both ends of the leash.

Week Four:

Boundaries – Learn how to teach your dog to stay in the yard, go to mat, answer the door with manners and any other boundary you want.

Week Five:

The Four D’s – Now we get into the fun stuff!  Teaching cues at a distance, solid stays, and all about proofing.

Get the BehaviourDifferent ways to help your dog learn.

Week Six:

Week 6 Graduation Sequence – All you have learned in one place!

Canine Good Neighbour Program Here are all the tests that are given for the CGN.  This is a great goal to have!!

Training Games Some ideas to keep you and your dog having fun.

Resources Further training research.



Rally-O is obedience with fun!  Following the directions on the signs that are laid out in a course, you and your dog will show off your team work and precision skills.  Well Mannered Dog (or equivelent with another trainer) is a prerequisite.

Here is a link to the class curriculum that will be roughly followed:

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Growl Class Handouts:

This class usually runs in 6-week sessions; but week-to-week during the winter months or if you have completed one 6-week session and just need some refreshers.

B.A.T. Basics

Growl Class Package


Behaviour Handouts:

Get the Behaviour

Dominance Myths


The Four D’s

Nothing in Life is Free



Loose Leash Walking



Body Language 


B.A.T. Basics

Get the Behaviour

Calming Signals

Canine Good Neighbour Program

Clicker – a starters guide

Training Games

Dominance Myths

Enrollment Form


The Four D’s

Growl Class Package


More Tricks

Nothing in Life is Free

Puppy Nipping Guide

Practice Sheet


Well Mannered Dog Week 1