Canine Conduct Training Solutions

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Classes are kept small (maximum of 8 dogs) to allow for individual attention. Canine Conduct is located on fully fenced acreage at 7778 Sturgess Road, off Endall Road, in Black Creek (Map).

During the winter months, Well Mannered Dog and Puppy Kindergarten classes are held at Willow Point Lion's Hall in Campbell River on Monday evenings from 6:00pm to 6:50pm (Puppy Kindergarten) or 7:00pm to 8:00pm (Well Mannered Dog). 

Growl Classes are held at Balanced Equestrian Arena in Campbell River (Map) on Sundays at 1:00pm.

If you know of a suitable indoor venue in Comox or Courtenay, please give Jane a call at 250-898-3173.

Most class sessions run in 6-week sessions. Well Mannered Dog classes are one hour in length; Agility, Puppy, and Growl classes are 50 minutes in length. Class prices include GST.

Fees are charged regardless of attendance but we do our best to accommodate any missed classes. Credit only is given on account (some exceptions apply).

Bring along everyone involved in your dog's life, including children over the age of 7 years (under 7 years must have an adult accompany). Also bring a smile and a sense of humour, along with a flat collar, long leash (not retractable) and some small, soft, easy-to-swallow treats and/or a favourite toy.

Cancellation Policy is 24hrs notice.

If you're not sure which class or service would best suit your dogs needs just contact Jane… a few minutes on the phone or a short e-mail message and she will be able to assess your needs.

Our Classes and Training Options

dog babyPrivate Training Sessions

Canine Conduct offers private training sessions tailored to your schedule and training needs. Everything covered in the classes listed on this site is offered.
Recommended for easily distracted, fearful or reactive dogs. Private training is held in your home or location of your choice ($75) or at the Training Grounds in Black Creek ($65). Package prices are available.

graduate dog2

 Well Mannered Dog ~ Willow Point Lion's Hall

Mondays at 6:00pm (pups under 6 months)

7:00pm (for dogs over 6 months of age)

begins Februrary 26, 2018

Session begins February 26, at 6:00pm for dogs 6 months and under;

the 7:00pm session is for dogs over 6 months of age. 

Address is 2165 South Island Hwy, Campell River (Willow Point area).


6:00 PM (PDT)


labradorPuppy Kindergarten Classes  Choose a session....

Willow Point Lion's Hall  Mondays at 6:00pm begins February 26


Elks Hall 231 6th St. Courtenay Sundays at 1pm begins March 11


Black Creek Training Grounds  Sundays at 2:30pm begins April 29 


Not available for a class session? Take advantage of private lessons during the winter months.  Jane will come to your home to help "puppy proof" and teach the secrets of successful house potty training.  Purchase a package and we shall go for walks and adventures!

Call/text  Jane at 250-898-3173 to set up a private lesson. Prices vary from $65 to $210. 

Puppy Day Camp Training.  Drop your puppy off in the morning, pick up in the evening.  Basics are taught:  coming when called (call off of play), loose leash walking, puppy agility, let me know your goals and I will teach them!


Puppy Social at Bosley's in Courtenay!!  Bring your puppy for some safe and fun interactions with other puppies.  Takes place on the second and last Thursday of each month from 6-7pm.  Please, for the safety of all, only bring pup that is current in vaccine schedule and weighs less than 22kg.  Friendly and small adult dogs are welcome to attend. Larger dogs are welcome to wander around the store and help you shop!! This social is FREE, and you get 10% off anything in the store that evening.  See you there!!

CA $170.00


 pit-bullGrowl Assessment and Classes

For dogs that are reactive and/or aggressive when faced with a stimulus such as other dogs, people, cats, cars, birds, etc.
Learn how to teach your dog self-control and to check in with you automatically when faced with these distractions.
Gain confidence in yourself and your dog.

New Session - Sundays at 1:00pm beginning in January 2018

Balanced Equestrian ~ 2105 Shetland Rd., Campbell River

Class schedule: Call/text for start date info.


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Well Mannered Dog ~ Black Creek Training Grounds 

Sundays at 1:00pm begins Spring 2018 

Address is 7778 Sturgess Road (off Endall).

Sundays at 1:00PM (PST) 

Dog Park PicDog Speak Presentation

Jane Neve of Canine Conduct Training Solutions is presenting "What is My Dog Saying - at the Dog Park & On the Trails?"  This 2 hours presentation teaches participants how to recognize appropriate dog play; to assist pet owners in the community to better understand how dogs communicate;  how to tell good play from risky interactions.   Space is limited.  This presentation is for the human end of the leash only, no dogs please.
Attendance to this Presentation is a prerequisite for membership to the Black Creek Dog Park.  This ensures all Park users are educated in Park etiquette and safety. There are many ways to become a member, contact Jane to learn how.
Next Presentation at the Training Grounds Office, 7778 Sturgess Road, on Sunday, March 4, 2018.  From 1:00pm to 3:00pm.  The Skills for the Reactive Dog presentation follows the Dog Speak. 

Cost for the Presentation is $25 per person. 

Canine Conduct Loose Leash 1Bits & Pats - Come When Called & Walk on a Loose Leash

Thursday Mornings at the Canine Conduct Training Grounds.

A bit of training to keep your dog fresh and responding well to your cues. A pat on your back for continuing the training.

Pre-Registration is required.

First and Third Thursdays at 11:00am ~ Reliable Recalls  Learn all the steps needed to teach your dog to turn away from distractions and come back to you when you call.

Second and Fourth Thursdays at 11:00am ~ Loose Leash Walking  ~ Learn how to teach, and then practice, polite walking with a loose leash. One of the goals is polite meeting & greeting of other dogs and people.  Learn how to use the leash to communicate with rather than control your dog.

*$35 for the 1 hour lesson. Canine Conduct Members' rate is $25.

rottweiler smallSkills for the Reactive Dog Workshop

Living with a reactive dog can be difficult.  In this presentation Jane will explain how to help your dog learn to turn away from triggers such as other dogs, bikes, cars, etc.  Having a dog that lunges and barks and completely "tunes out" the human end of the leash can be embarrassing, frustrating, and sometimes scary.  Over the years, Jane has noticed that more often than not, it is how the leash is handled that triggers the dog into the unfavourable reaction. During the presentation, you will learn how to connect with your dog using an understanding of Dog Speak and how movement can influence the outcome.  Learn leash skills that will communicate with rather than control your dog. 

This presentation is for the human end of the leash only, but do bring your dog's will be learning the mechanics of leash skills on each other rather than learning on your dog.

The next presentation will be held at the Canine Conduct Training Grounds on Sunday, March 4, 2018 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.  This presentation follows the Dog Speak presentation.


clickerClicker Training

Learn the principals of operant conditioning. Plus learn to recognize the behaviours your dog is offering and how to 'shape' these behaviours to obtain a final result.
Wonderful for teaching your dog self control, loose leash walking, attention and every parlour trick you can think of. Clicker Training runs for 3-weeks and includes clicker, handouts and is open to all ages and breeds. By appointment. Cost for the 3-week class is (CA $80).

agilityAgility for Fun

Agility resumes again Spring 2018.  Keep an eye on the calendar for start dates.  You can contact me (Jane) for a list of recommended trainers for winter Agility.

Absolute teamwork between handler and dog. This is a great opportunity to introduce your dog to agility or show your experienced dog a different venue.
Agility courses run for 6 weeks ($80) and classes are held outdoors subject to the weather.  Drop in is available on most weeks ($15 ea), call or email to reserve a spot.  Signing up for a session guarantees you a spot. 



dog on phonePhone Consultations

Have a training question?  Give Jane a call at 250-898-3173.

Call Jane at 250-898-3173 to schedule a time. If we are both available at the time of your call, we can start immediately. I am available for calls between 10am and 7pm daily.