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Dog Boarding

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I am not currently accepting non member dogs for overnight boarding.

What is in-home boarding? It is your dog’s home away from home. If your furry friend usually sleeps in your bed, then she sleeps in my bed (providing your dog is not a cat chaser, the cats sleep in my bed too). If your furry friend usually sleeps in his crate, then he sleeps in his crate here too.

The goal is to keep to to your dog’s normal life and routine as close as possible. You are on holidays, so is your dog! There are acres of fully fenced property and other dogs to play with; life doesn’t get much better.

Click here for the Dog Boarding Form (PDF)

Board & Train services are available, please contact Jane for details. We always start with a private lesson to see if a Board & Train program is needed.  The most often requested training for Board & Train is Recall training and Loose Leash Walking.  Basic house manners such as “place” or “mat” training and door manners are also a popular request.  For some, a dog that can say hello politely is needed.  I jump start the training for you, then I teach you what your dog learned in our lessons when you pick up your dog.  You continue the training with support from me.  Ten day minimum stay for this program.  Cost is $110 per day plus the private training package of $240 for 3 lessons.

As a Professional Dog Trainer with extensive education in the behavioural field, certified in Pet First Aid along with years of veterinary clinic practice , Jane is fully qualified to care for your dog.

Make an appointment and come over for a Meet & Greet. Bookings are usually a couple of weeks in advance, unless I’ve told you that your dog is on the “welcome anytime” list. There is room here for one household of dogs each night.

If you have attended a class session or have had private training with Jane then you are considered a “current member client” and your dog is considered a “Member of Canine Conduct”.

Cost for boarding is $45/night for current member clients.

Dogs under 12 months of age, and/or that are not neutered or spayed, and/or need extra attention for training are $55/night. Extra attention needed (but not limited to) management protocols that include dogs that cannot be left alone, dogs that guard resources, chronic barking, fighting, dogs needing extra care over and above the normal grooming and administering medications.

More than 3 “accidents” in the house will result in a $25 surcharge.

Long term discounted rates are available for current clients only (30 days or longer).

A charge of $45 per hour is applied for any pick up or delivery or trips to appointments.

Cancellation fees: Within 24hrs, full fees are charged. 24 hours to two (2) weeks, 20% of the cost of the stay. Longer than two weeks notice, no cancellation fee charge.

Update: Travel advisories and cancellations due to world issues such as virus or war, etc., all cancellation fees are waived.

Give me a call/text at 250-898-3173 or email to set up a Meet & Greet. ~ Jane