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Bits & Pats

Come When Called & Walk on a Loose Leash

Thursdays at 12:00pm at the Canine Conduct Training Grounds Classroom. 

A bit of training to keep your dog fresh and responding well to your cues. A pat on your back for continuing the training.

Pre-Registration is required.

The Bits & Pats is to help your dog learn through all those “even though” distractions; as in “I need you to sit for this greeting even though you are very excited right now”. If you have said it – “My dog knows this” and you’ve said it when your dog is not responding to something you’ve asked for then you and your dog needs more practice.  The fact that your dog knows something at home tells us you know how to teach and your dog knows how to learn…BUT can your dog remember all the lessons with other dogs and people around and in a different location?  If the answer is “often not!” then this Practice & Review class is for you. Practice really does make perfection. Feeling frustrated?  Come out to this class to increase your skills and feel proud of your dog.

*If you are a Well Mannered Dog class graduate, the cost is only $35 for the above! That’s the pat on your back for remembering that training is always ongoing.

As with all classes, dogs must me current in their vaccine schedule and free of parasites.  Canine Conduct Training Solutions uses force-free training – no prong/pinch, choke or e-collars permitted. We use flat collars or humane harnesses to give our students a pain/fear free learning environment.

Class fees are charged regardless of handler’s attendance.  24hr cancellation policy.  Packages must be used within 3 months.

Upcoming Classes

First and Third Thursdays at 12:00pm ~ Reliable Recalls  Learn all the steps needed to teach your dog to turn away from distractions and come back to you when you call.

Second and Fourth Thursdays at 12:00pm ~ Loose Leash Walking  ~ Learn how to teach, and then practice, polite walking with a loose leash. One of the goals is polite meeting & greeting of other dogs and people.  Learn how to use the leash to communicate with rather than control your dog.  More than one lesson is often needed for both ends of the leash!

Location: Indoors in the Classroom ~
7778 Sturgess Rd. Black Creek MAP

Spring/Summer sessions are held outdoors. Fall/Winter classes are held indoors; class size is kept small.  Any cancelled classes due to weather will be added - each session is 6 classes, but may take longer than 6 weeks to complete.

Parking is to the right of the gate. Payment confirms enrolment, please contact Jane via text or call at 250-898-3173 with any questions.

Not available for a class session? Take advantage of private lessons. Learn all that is taught in the class session, plus catered to your personal needs; beneficial for fearful or reactive dogs. Purchase a package and we shall go for walks and adventures (when ready)! Board & Train programs available too.

Call/text Jane at 250-898-3173 to set up a private lesson. Prices vary from $85 to $330. Board & Train is $110 per day, minimum 10 days, call to set up a Meet & Greet.

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