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Black Creek Dog Park

fun ~ safe ~ secure

More than an acre of fenced forest trails for you and your dog to play and practice in! Located at the Canine Conduct Training Grounds. Open Dawn to Dusk, come anytime!

Remember to sign in & check that gates are closed! Watch out for vehicles displaying a yellow ribbon…this means a Dog in Need of Space is in the Park. Please wait for them to exit. While you are waiting, practice your loose leash walking skills or your focus exercises. Please allow plenty of space for the DINOS to be able to exit safely.

Update: Next Dog Speak Presentation will be in the Classroom at 7778 Sturgess Rd. on Tuesday, April 18th from 6pm-8:30pm You can register right through the Book Now link.  This presentation is for the human end of the leash only,  no dogs please.

A dog park is a wonderful place for social dogs to meet and play. But, it can be a very scary place if dogs that do not know how to play appropriately are permitted into the Park for a “free for all”. We would like to avoid this scary scenario by providing a safe park for social dogs only. Dogs in need of socialization can join in a class that teaches just that; your goal will be to have an assessment and join in the fun at the Park!

The goal of the Black Creek Dog Park is to provide a safe and fun place for people and their social dogs to come together. It is a place where puppies can learn. Even Yellow Ribbon dogs have a safe section in which to work on much needed skill.

It is a “Members Only” Park. Members are educated and caring and responsible. They maintain the integrity of the Park. They are respectful of each other, they know that standing around is not ideal, phones stay in the pocket (except for taking those awesome pictures), and incessant barking is not fun for anyone. Because dogs wearing shock/choke/prong/spray collars are not permitted, each owner must have a basic understanding of training using force-free and humane methods. (follow any links on this website for more training information).

The Park is located on private property; this means that each person that uses the Park must have attended at least one Dog Speak at the Dog Park presentation and/or a Well Mannered Dog class session. When accepted, a waiver is signed at time of payment.

The first step for Membership is to enroll in a Dog Speak Presentation. And/Or enroll in a Well Mannered Dog Class session and/or enrol in a Bits & Pats lesson. Information can be found by following the links on this page.

A waiver must be signed prior to entry regardless of acceptance. If your dog has stayed here as a doggy houseguest, I’ll let you know how s/he did in the Park.

NEEDED: Would love a few loads of clean fill!! Volunteers are always welcome to help “train” those blackberries! Work parties happen most weekends, so just drop by.

The first testimonial from the first “life time Member”:
Rosie and I had the best time! I didn’t get a lot of work done, but we sure had fun. Rosie and I were both completely covered in mud – a sure sign that we enjoyed ourselves. I tried to toss branches on the brush piles, but Rosie kept retrieving them for me! It was so wonderful to see her off-leash, with no restrictions, and without me having to continually scan the horizon. At one point she was so filled with joy that she went on a nut run – she hasn’t done that since she was a pup! Thank you!!!!”
Nancy & “Rosie”

Diagram of the Black Creek Dog Park
You must fill out a Waiver to use the Dog Park.